POET Technologies is a TSX Venture tech stock you’ve likely been hearing a lot about lately. If you thought a $400 million market cap company, with no revenue, could only exist on the NASDAQ, think again!

Welcome to the evolving TSX Venture, where medical marijuana-related stocks and high flying tech stocks reign supreme. 

In early January of this year, just as POET Technologies began making its move to record highs, we released an article titled, POET Technologies: TSX Venture Tech Stock you haven’t heard of. This article has gone viral throughout our community and since its publishing, thousands of new investors have rushed into POET Technologies as its share price has increased more than 5-fold.

Below is a short excerpt from that article:

“While POET Technologies has yet to hit the blast-off button into commercialization and big contracts, the company has its eyes set on two massive industries.

POET Technologies hopes it can slice off a piece of the $299+ million Military (FY2013 Optoelectronic-Sensor Segment) Dept. of Defense Budget and the $400+ billion in 2013 (Gartner Dataquest) Commercial Semiconductor Industries. The company believes that optoelectronics – its specialty, will be a “coming major force” at some point in the above markets.

The technology is believed by the company to meet the market need for high volume, rapidly growing optoelectronics, wireless and sensor market segments which demand greater bandwith, increase processing power and integration, with lower power dissipation while being cost effective. Finally, the company notes in its business overview that, “these markets are established, but are at a threshold where a new technology technical dislocation is needed.”

Whether or not 18 years of R&D and 34 patents have the answer and ability to provide that solution in the real world market place is yet to be seen. Its insiders clearly believe it has a chance. POET Technologies had a market cap of $75 million Tuesday morning.

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This Wednesday morning, POET Technologies’ market cap stood at $411.17 million.


To clarify, POET Technologies is a pre-revenue company. It is R&D based at the moment and has no revenue. Now, to be clear, many tech companies don’t generate revenue – that is not uncommon. Twitter received a billion dollar valuation before it had even earned a penny in revenue. We spoke with the POET Technologies IR representative this morning, April 16th 2014, to confirm that the company hasn’t hit any commercialization yet (meaning: not presently generating revenue).

What initially led us to POET Technologies back in January was a spike in insider buying. This is an aspect of the markets, specifically among well-structured small-cap stocks, we are constantly monitoring at Pinnacle.

We were not the only ones to see the potential in POET Technologies in recent months…

Pinnacle member ‘semaislife’ saw the potential and wasn’t afraid to step up in the community to let others know. Below is an excerpt from a blog titled, Poet Technologies- the Game Changer, published by the Pinnacle member on POET Technologies on March 7th.

Key fact: POET Technologies traded between $1.23 and $1.35 on that day.

“For those interested in potential game changing and market disruptive technolgies look at Poet Technologies. (v.PTK)  Here is a nice summary article:  http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/article-poet-technologies-inc-12-2-2014

Poet’s technology is ready at the right time: Silicon CMOS is almost dead (limited continued advancement), industry is seeking alternative technologies to extend Moore’s Law, the semiconductor market is huge and growing, large players have a cash problem(too much!) and to my knowledge there is no other technology that can complete at this stage.(our technology is more advanced)  Poet’s share price has had a nice run recently but IMO our market cap could be in the billions one day. 

We have lots of news coming down the pipe in the next 2-3 months and I would not be surprised to see us bought out by the end of Q2, 2014.  A valuation of the technology was done 3 years ago that came in at 1 billion.  They are re-doing this valuation (to be ready in April-May) and it is anticipated to come in at multiple billions because of the growth of the industry.  Website: www.poet-technologies.com




Cheers indeed semaislife! Cheers indeed! POET Technologies hit a high of $2.87 today, Wednesday April 16th 2014. 

It appears many investors in our community are now following POET. As of this morning,7 of the Top 10 Challengers in April’s Stock Challenge selected POET Technologies (PTK:TSXV) as one of their picks for the month.


The Pinnacle community has been all over this stock and not 1 or 2, but 7 members are up huge in April’s Stock Challenge because of POET. This high flying tech stock is another example of the power of sharing in the Pinnacle community.

Stock Challenge impact: Member ‘Ping Pong’ sat in first place Wednesday morning, with a 53.87% combined average return in April’s Stock Challenge. ‘EmperorJacob’ was in 10th place with a 24.89% combined average return. Both members selected POET Technologies as one of their stocks for April.
While POET’s technologies are clearly unique and receiving praise and speculative optimism at the moment, it is important to remember the company currently has no revenue. 

Also, something to keep in mind, POET Technologies issued 7.6 million shares at $0.65 per share on February 13th. Those shares will be free trading in less than 60 days. If volume remains as high as it has been recently, those shares should be absorbed by the market relatively quickly. (if they are to be sold)

POET in a nutshell

POET is playing for some seriously high stakes in the tech world. In the company’s April 14th’s news release, it summarized its key technology and the reason behind its incredible surge in value of late.

Below is an excerpt.

Pioneering Moore’s Law to the Next Level

For nearly 50 years, Moore’s Law has dictated the pace of technological change. As the number of transistors on a chip doubles approximately every 1.5 to 2 years, this increases the performance capabilities of computing devices and the many functions they make possible.

Unfortunately, with present silicon-based integrated circuits and manufacturing processes, performance and cost improvements under Moore’s Law are increasingly unsustainable, and will soon come to an end. These physical limitations will increasingly impede electronics manufacturers from continuing to build smarter, faster, more efficient and cheaper devices.

POET believes that its approach – building on the performance advantages of gallium arsenide over silicon and, in parallel, integrating optics and electronics onto one monolithic chip – is a foundation for the next great leap forward in technology. The POET platform is expected to provide potential customers – including semiconductor foundries and device designers – with a rebirth of Moore’s Law, and usher in a new wave of innovation in integrated circuits with massive improvements in size, power, speed and cost. 

Click here to read the entire press release.


The data and information online about Moore’s Law is limitless. It has defined certain parameters of growth in the technology industry for decades; this is why POET’s potential ability to begin writing a new history, built upon new parameters in respect to Moore’s Law, has led to hysteria amongst tech savvy investors and therefore, towards POET’s stock price.



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