Saint Jean Carbon (SJL: TSXV) jumped 59.46% to close at $0.295 on record volume of over 57 million shares traded. It’s moves like that in stocks such as Saint Jean Carbon that make investing in the TSX Venture so exciting.


Pinnacle members all over Saint Jean Carbon prior to March


Amazingly, a total of 7 Pinnacle members and Stock Challenge participants, including one past Stock Challenge Champ ‘avispa‘, selected this little-known carbon science company. Saint Jean Carbon has specific interests in energy storage and green energy creation and green re-creation. We will explain more about their company and its goals shortly.

Consider this: Saint Jean Carbon traded more volume today than every other stock on the TSX Venture combined.

Saint Jean Carbon was up over 80% to a high of $0.35 per share at one point, easily capturing the Daily Stock Challenge Breakout on March’s first day of trading. The explosion in share price came following what will quickly become a historic order from Panasonic.


Saint Jean Carbon Receives Order from Panasonic


Saint Jean Carbon announced that it has received its first order from Panasonic Corporation to supply graphite anode material to their manufacturing facility. Below is a short excerpt with the specifics:

“The order consists of two different material specifications. Panasonic is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world and makes batteries for companies like; Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and many other large corporations.”

Paul Ogilvie, SJ Carbon’s CEO, commented:

“After more than two years of working on material specifications, sampling and re working, we could not be more pleased than to finally ship finished material to our customer. The order is part of an offtake agreement to supply multiple tonnes of anode material monthly for a number of years.  We are hopeful that the electric car business continues to grow at this rate; as that will continue to push our demand and create more and more opportunities for us. We consider today as our greatest accomplishment; to be recognized and awarded with an order to supply one of the world’s best technology companies, is a tremendous accomplishment for the team.”

Click here to read the entire press release.


Saint Jean Carbon | an overnight success story?


Like so many issuers on the TSX Venture, Saint Jean appears to be an overnight success story. Investors see the headlines or an exploding share price and assume the company came out of nowhere.

Led by Paul Ogilvie, Saint Jean’s CEO has been involved in several start-ups, including emerging graphite companies, for over 33 years. He most recently served as CEO and Director for both Mega Graphite Inc. and Canada Carbon.

Mr. Ogilvie was voted “Most Influential CEO of the Year – Canada” at the 2014 Business Excellence Awards 2014.

Under Saint Jean’s Graphene section on its website, the company explains its plans to complete a prototype of the recently developed design for a diamagnetic wire that will conduct energy at room temperature with superconducting level resistance.

As recent as December, it became apparent Saint Jean was on to something.

In a December 20th, 2016, press release Saint Jean Carbon announced that the collaborative research with the team from Western University, has created glowing carbon dots.

“The carbon dots have been created to glow in an entire array of colours. The significances of the technology are the ability to create light and colour with less energy consumption.”

Click here to read the entire press release.

Saint Jean traded roughly 1.4 million shares that day between $0.07 and $0.08 per share that day.

Saint Jean has specific interests in energy storage and green energy creation and green re-creation. The company has holdings in graphite mining and lithium claims in the province of Quebec, Canada. March will be an interesting Challenge as it will depend greatly on Saint Jean’s performance throughout the month. The Top 7 members in March’s Stock Challenge have all selected Saint Jean.

Top 7 in March Stock Challenge


firefly is off to a great start, leading the herd with a 35.79% combined average return after one trading days.

Member ‘avispa’ chimed in five minutes after the close of trading Wednesday, writing:

“Nice start with SJL.V.   Good luck Firefly . . . Hope U get a star to your name .. long overdue!!! . . . Pray as there are 6 SJLeres behind U ! . . . including me:)”


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