Everyone, join us in welcoming our newest Stock Challenge Champion: member ‘mackwheaton’! Mackwheaton came out on top this month with a stellar return of 349.61% after picking HUMBL, Inc. (formerly known as Tesoro Enterprises, Inc.) and Forwardly, Inc.

Although mackwheaton seemed destined to win this month’s challenge from the very beginning (they started the first week of the contest with a return of roughly 400%), their victory wasn’t guaranteed. In the final days of the contest, member ‘Brian Crich’ — a previous Stock Challenge Champion — began to overtake them with a portfolio of blockchain companies. However, mackwheaton managed to hold onto their gains, and Brian Crich finished in second (273.61% return) ahead of third place member ‘XClub’ (252.46% return).

Congratulations, you three! Your prizes, which include silver bullion and/or Pinnacle Digest merchandise, will be shipped out shortly.

Champion’s Corner: Forwardly, Inc.

Forwardly was this Stock Challenge’s best performing stock and the key to mackwheaton’s victory. Of course, Forwardly’s performance likely wouldn’t have been much without mackwheaton’s other stock pick, HUMBL, Inc. Let us explain…

On December 10, 2020, Forwardly announced it had made a cash investment into Tesoro Enterprises — now known as HUMBL — to purchase warrants in the company. Forwardly went on to state,

“These warrants enable Forwardly to purchase up to 500 million shares of Tesoro common stock within a period of two years. The agreement between Forwardly and Tesoro was entered into on November 23, 2020, and its closing was contingent on the completion of the merger between HUMBL and Tesoro Enterprises, Inc., which has now taken place.”

According to Forwardly’s website, the company’s President and CEO, George Sharp, stated on February 16, 2021,

“Among Forwardly’s investments is the ownership of 125 million warrants (500 million pre-roll back) in HUMBL LLC. . . Were these warrants to be exercised today, Forwardly would book a $500+ million asset. As Forwardly purchased these warrants as a long term investment in HUMBL, the company does not anticipate exercising these warrants over the near term.”

Congratulations again mackwheaton for picking Forwardly. You had an incredible run this month, and we look forward to watching you play in future Stock Challenges!

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) Explodes in February

The SCI rose as high as 26.76% this month before closing at 14.18%, a substantial improvement over last month’s 8.57%! Once again, the SCI’s performance this month closely mirrors the TSX Venture, which is showing signs of weakness after a phenomenal start to the year.

stock challenge index (SCI) as of february 26, 2021

Contestants picked 140 stocks from the TSX Venture this month, down from 169 last month. The average return of the stocks picked from the TSXV was 25.13%, more than triple last month’s average return of 7.85%.

charts of exchange performances as of february 26, 2021

Final Top 10 Leaderboards

Stock Challenge Top 10 Leaderboards as of February 26, 2021

The Quest for 300%+ Gains Continues in March

Will we see Stock Challengers get back-to-back 300%+ returns again in March? With both small and large-cap markets experiencing sharp declines at the tail end of this month, contestants may have a tough road ahead of them — but if anyone can find value in volatility, it’s Stock Challengers!

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for March’s Stock Challenge, make sure you click here to register ASAP! You only have 2 days left to get in the game.