Please join us as we welcome our new Stock Challenge champion!

With an average return of 96.42%, member ‘Oil Man Up’ was sent to the top of the leaderboard in the final week of the contest. ‘Oil Man Up‘ selected two junior mining stocks. Big congratulations to ‘Oil Man Up’ on securing first place in another competitive month for Stock Challenge!

In a close second, contestant ‘Smiley’ fought hard and tallied an average return of 85.09% to marginally surpass our third-place finisher ‘robert goodwin’.

Job well done to all three contestants! Please check your inboxes for messages from our support staff so that we can get your prizes shipped out as soon as possible.

The Top Ten


June 2021 SC leaderboards

At the end of this month’s Stock Challenge, standings are visibly different from our mid-month recap. If you remember, AMC held firm for contestants in the first two weeks of June’s contest. However, the ‘meme stock’ frenzy took a back seat in the second half of the competition, pushing seven members who selected AMC out of the top 10.

Micro-Caps Win the Day Once Again!

‘‘Oil Man Up’ was propelled to victory by two companies, one which trades on the TSXV, and the other on the CSE. One of those companies, American Pacific Mining Corp, yielded an impressive return of ~153% in the last month alone.

A Look at the Stock Challenge Index

SCI of June 2021

After a bright start to the month, the Stock Challenge Index began its descent back down to sea level a few days after our mid-month update – closing the month with a slightly positive gain of 0.83%.

Additionally, only 199 members out of the 454 who participated in June finished the month in the black — a 50 player drop from the previous 249 that sat in positive territory midway through the month.

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