It has been a rocky start to the month. The Stock Challenge Index (SCI) is down almost 6%; and, only about a third of the selected stocks are reporting gains so far.

The Stock Challenge Index

Biotech/pharma stocks are the brewing story of the month. The top 2 performing stocks (with an average of approximately 120% returns) belong to biotech companies, CTI Biopharm and Avenue Therapeutics.

That said, mineral explorers still make up the dominant sector among top stock performers, albeit with relatively mediocre returns.

Top 10 Performing Stocks

Members with either of the hot biotech picks are eminently seated above the rest in the top 10 leaderboard. And, not surprisingly, the remainder of the top 10 leaders have cruised into position, riding the commodity surge thus far in March.

Top 10 Leaderboard

As it stands, #1 ranked player, Lubie1953, is more than 75% ahead of 2nd place. Our veterans will know that we’ve seen it all in Stock Challenge, and it’s never over until it’s over. But, if come March 31, Lubie1953 gets toppled from pole position, this will definitely be a contest for the history books.

It’ll be an interesting final two weeks of the contest if someone can make a late surge.

Don’t forget to lock in your April selections. That silver bullion and Pinnacle Digest swag could be yours next month!