One of the greatest threats to Western civilization is the addiction and mental health epidemic.

The World Health Organization noted that the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. And with homelessness soaring across the world, taxpayers are about to fork over more money as governments and municipalities try and tackle the crisis.

Canada homelessness levels are causing grave concern for citizens and policymakers alike.

Homeless encampments are popping up in cities and towns from coast to coast; in Canada, the rising cost of living, combined with the fallout from the pandemic, has left tens of thousands vulnerable.

In early 2024, predictive AI software HelpSeeker forecasted Canada’s homeless population will nearly double in the next six years.

Look no further than California as an example of the fallout that can transpire amidst rampant drug use on major city streets and rising homelessness. California is the homeless capital of America…

In part because of a homelessness crisis, rising crime and tax rates, celebrities from Mark Wahlberg to Hilary Swank and even Rod Stewart, have left California in recent years. Elon Musk famously moved Tesla’s corporate headquarters to Texas in 2021 and, in early 2024, said he would have a shareholder vote to transfer the company’s state of incorporation to Texas.

It appears Texas is the future for many businesses in America, and in Elon Musk acts to move Tesla’s legal base to Texas after pay package ruling, the Guardian’s Dan Milmo writes,

“One of the carmaker’s gigafactories is in Texas, and it is building a $1bn (£800m) lithium refinery in the state, aiming to produce enough battery-grade lithium for about 1m vehicles by 2025.”

Canada’s Top Commodity and Agriculture Products

Investors with exposure to Canada should be, but often aren’t, familiar with just how influential commodities and agriculture are in the country’s economy. Canadians produce a wide range of products on the agricultural and natural resource fronts, contributing to a disproportional amount of the nation’s GDP.

Canada is one of the world’s largest producers of essential commodities, from oil to potash and nickel. The northern nation is also blessed with tremendous amounts of gold, diamonds, natural gas and lumber.

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