With Q1 earnings season upon us, investors are wondering just how bad things may get. Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman, spoke with CNBC earlier today to discuss how companies should be handling themselves during this ongoing crisis.

“We recognize that its a different earnings season”

– Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman

Jay Clayton Talks Investor Concerns

Speaking to investor concerns, Jay explains,

“What investors want to know now is where do companies stand in light of the shut-in, how are they operating under the current conditions; and, what do they see for the future under current conditions, and then a path to recovery that is consistent with our decision to put health and safety first.”

Chairman Clayton talks about changing production and capital expenditures.

“We really need to preserve market integrity through what we all recognize is going to be a choppy period in terms of compnay information.”

Jay talks about the importance of disclosure for market commentators and analysts.

Finally, share buybacks and dividends programs came about. Jay Clayton talks about the debt to equity ratio playing an important roll for dividends and buybacks. He continues to advocate for communication and letting investors know why certain decisions are being made. With another week of jobless claims set to be released on Thursday and earnings season days away, investors have much to fret about.