As China’s New Silk Road develops, it is worthwhile to monitor the progress. The starting point will be Chongqing, a city with nearly 35 million people. In March of 2016, we outlined the New Silk Road in How China Just Neutered America, writing,

“For self-directed investors holding equities or ETFs with exposure to Asia, Europe or most emerging markets, the significance of the One Belt, One Road Initiative will be obvious… The impact it will have on global trade and growth projections for Eurasia is, quite literally, unprecedented in the last 500 years. In fact, this is the biggest trade initiative the world has ever seen.”

New Silk Road to Command Modern Trade in Eurasia

A DW Documentary asks what China’s true intentions behind this megaproject are. It is impossible to deny the long-term geopolitical implications of the New Silk Road will be widespread. Most noteworthy, the modern trade route between Asia and Europe will unite about 40% of the world’s GDP. In the past ten years, China has built 80,000 kilometres of highway.

The gigantic project is the brainchild of Chinese president Xi Jinping. Xi’s recent grab for perpetual power has gone unanswered by the West and most of the world. Consequently, China’s communist government recently removed term limits for China’s presidency.