LexaGene Holdings (LXG:TSXV) (LXXGF:OTC) is a sponsor and client of PinnacleDigest.com. We introduced the company to all of our subscribers in our April 23, 2017, newsletter titled LexaGene Holdings – Our Big Bet of 2017 (click here to read). At that time, it had last traded for CAD$0.81. After a very strong trading week, with nearly 3 million shares traded since Monday’s market open, LexaGene hit a high of CAD$0.95 today – roughly a 17% pop. It closed trading today at CAD$0.91. For some context, the TSX Venture, LexaGene’s Canadian trading exchange and our primary focus here at Pinnacle Digest, has lost approximately 7% since April 23, 2017.


Company Update

LexaGene Holdings unveiled its LX6 Prototype at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida.

LexaGene’s automated instrument can quickly detect multiple pathogens with sensitivity and specificity. According to the company,

“The platform is anticipated to transform the way food safety, veterinary diagnostics, water quality monitoring, aquaculture pathogen surveillance, and other markets get critical answers in less time.”

Jack Regan Unveils LX6 Prototype at Food Protection Conference

LexaGene’s CEO and Founder, Jack Regan, and the company’s President Daryl Rebeck attended the IAFP 2017 in Tampa this July.

Top biotech firms from around the world attend to share information on current and emerging food safety issues. As a result, the latest science and innovative solutions to new and recurring problems are presented.

According to foodprotection.org,

“Held in various locations throughout North America, this meeting has grown over the years to become the leading food safety conference worldwide.”


“The IAFP Annual Meeting is attended by more than 3,400 of the top industry, academic and governmental food safety professionals from six continents. This renowned event owes its reputation and success to the quantity, quality, and diversity of each year’s program; the quality and relevance of exhibits sharing the latest in available technologies; leading experts speaking on a variety of timely topics; and special recognition of outstanding professionals and students for their contributions in the food safety field.”

Excerpts from Pinnacle Digest’s report on LexaGene Holdings published April 23, 2017

“The US government has recently passed legislation (which we will elaborate on shortly) for stricter pathogen testing requirements for the food industry. The failure to detect pathogens can result in lost lives and billions in revenue / market cap of negatively affected companies.

In Pathogen detection: A perspective of traditional methods and biosensors, the authors argue,

“In spite of the real need for obtaining analytical results in the shortest time possible, traditional and standard bacterial detection methods may take up to 7 or 8 days to yield an answer.”

The above article was published in 2006. Our research found that today certain cases of bacterial detection methods have been reduced to 1-3 days, particularly those competing with our featured company; however, 1-3 days still leaves much room for improvement. Our newest featured company aims to provide potentially life-saving results in roughly 1 hour with its technology. If accomplished, this would completely disrupt the pathogen detection market. If you’ve read our letters over the years, you know this type of potential industry disruption is precisely what we look for in a featured company…

According to our newest featured company, its pathogen detection technology — licensed from LLNL — is designed to target underserved markets of approximately US$17.8 Billion. The four key markets pathogen detection is vital for, are as follows:

*Food Safety

*Veterinary Diagnostics

*Water Quality Monitoring

*Aquaculture Pathogen Detection…”

On Dr. Jack Regan, LexaGene’s Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, our report stated,

“Jack worked as the Group Leader of the Advanced ddPCR Applications Division at QuantaLife (mentioned above), where the company moved from concept to commercialization in roughly 36 months. He was arguably the most prolific inventor at QuantaLife, and his contributions helped justify the $162 million valued buyout by Bio-Rad, a US$6 billion market cap company.  Dr. Regan chose to leave Bio-Rad about six months ago to focus on LexaGene Holdings in an attempt to bring its pathogen detection technology into commercial markets.

Note: Part of QuantaLife’s ‘secret sauce’ was that it could provide accurate gene copy number counts quickly. Dr. Regan and LexaGene’s employees are now working to reduce the time it takes to accurately detect and quantify pathogens.

Jack knows what it takes to bring a technology from concept to commercialization and the value creation that happens along the way.

LexaGene’s instrument, currently being developed, is known as LX6, and it represents what could be a significant improvement in detection capability over the predecessor instruments.”

Click here for our full report published on April 23, 2017.


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