Ryan Nolan of the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division explains how mobile gaming and digital gaming have exploded in recent years on the back of a potent trio of emerging trends: the ubiquity of mobile, the evolution of the gaming business model and the surging popularity of eSports.


Mobile Gaming | Fueling the Boom

According to Unity and Electronic Arts there are 2.6 billion casual gamers today, compared to just 100 million in 1995. Certainly, this is due in huge part to the rise of smart phones and the accessibility they provide.

mobile gaming

There are over 400 million ESports viewers around the world. These are people who watch others play online sports games against each other in live settings.


Finally, our team will be watching how the rise of A.I. evolves with digital gaming.

According to a recent Motley Fool article, The artificial intelligence market could be worth $46 billion by 2020. Mobile gaming and artificial intelligence are a match made in heaven. Consequently, as consumers become more engaged in the online world, A.I. has the power to entertain the way traditional tech cannot.