Today we congratulate member ‘avispa’ on becoming the September 2019 Stock Challenge Champion! Avispa selected China Networks International Holdings Ltd. (OTCPK: CNWHF) and KinjeraPay Corp. (OTCQB: KPAY) to finish with an awe-inspiring total return of 165.41%. We knew it was only a matter of time until avispa took home his second Stock Challenge Champ title—in addition to being a frequent Top 5 competitor, avispa finished in second place last month!

September’s second-place winner was member ‘Bryce Sundbo’, who chose EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. (CSE: ETI) and Mineworx Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: MWX) for a total return of 78.91%. Bravo!

Last but not least we have member ‘Louel’, who snagged third place (no small feat) by picking Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (TSX: CMMC) and Reliq Health Technologies Inc. (TSXV: RHT) for a total return of 41.94%.

Avispa, Bryce Sundbo, and Louel, your prizes will be on their way soon!

Noteworthy Top 3 Stocks

China Networks International Holdings Ltd.—avispa’s first pick—was by far and large this month’s jewel; the U.S.-listed shell company soared over 360% between the month ends of August and September despite radio silence to the market.

But there was another Top 3 competitor who had an interesting setup for his portfolio this month: Louel. His first pick, EnviroLeach Technologies, is a spin-out of Mineworx Technologies, a solutions provider for the environmental-friendly extraction of precious metals. The two companies share many of their proprietary technologies between themselves.

Via Mineworx,

The spin-out of EnviroLeach Technologies (CSE:ETI) into its own publicly traded company has resulted in Mineworx holding a free sublicense in perpetuity to use the HM X-leach in its current business operations for the mining of precious metals.”


“. . . In return for its [20%] share in the [Mineworx – EnviroLeach] joint venture, Mineworx will provide its engineering design and fabrication capabilities and also grant EnviroLeach an exclusive license to use the patent pending HM X-Mill technology in all E-Waste processing solutions globally.

Honourable Mention Of The Month: Member ‘David Clark’

September’s honourable mention goes to member ‘david clark’, who narrowly cracked the Top 5 by overcoming member ‘Lloyd Bryenton’ with a return of 21.24%. Well done, David—all you have to do is go a bit farther in October’s Challenge, and you’ll be a Top 3 contender!

October 2019 Stock Challenge Is Here

The October 2019 Stock Challenge has begun. New badges, new rewards, and new competitors await! Remember, you can keep up with the latest developments in Stock Challenge and connect with your fellow competitors at the Stock Challenge Leaderboards.