BTL Group (BTL: TSXV) jumped 18.21% to $3.96 per share Tuesday. It has been an epic year for the IT security company, rising from about $1 per share to high near $5. BTL Group has had a very volatile past 30 days. After trading to a high of $4.92 on April 26th its shares collapsed to $2.83 on May 18th.


BTL Group – 6 Month Chart

BTL Group - 6 Month Chart

Despite the weak seasonal period in the general markets, volume has been increasing on the TSX Venture in recent sessions. On May 15th, the Venture traded a whopping 130 million total shares, nearly double what it had been averaging in past weeks. BTL is benefiting from a strengthening junior Canadian Exchange.

BTL Group has had a very active spring, with five press releases since early April. Unlike some small-cap issuers, BTL has consistently put out meaningful news. The company share price has been rewarded as new investors embrace their story, pushing the stock to new highs.

On May 2nd, BTL announced it had advanced its 2017 blockchain strategy around interbit platform.

Guy Halford-Thompson, BTL’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, made these comments in the latest release:

“We are very proud of what we’ve achieved at BTL to date, which includes getting our Interbit platform to the Alpha state, along with funding in place to support development of the next phase. Having successfully completed pilot projects in the energy sector, and the finance space with Visa, we are more confident in our blockchain technology than we’ve ever been and have a more transparent roadmap for Interbit’s route to market.”

To read the entire press release and quote, click here.


IT Security Tops Headlines in 2016 and 2017


In the world of WikiLeaks and 33,000 deleted emails, IT security is paramount. Every business no matter how small is concerned with online security and the safe transfer of information. BTL is an enterprise technology platform provider that has built Interbit, a proprietary private blockchain.

BTL is designed to help companies greatly reduce risks and costs by securely streamlining existing IT infrastructures. According to the company, “BTL has successfully demonstrated how Interbit can innovate system processes for leading companies in the finance, energy and gaming sectors.”

Interbit allows businesses from across the world to improve efficiency by securely trading and auditing assets in compliance with relevant regulations. With many commodities staying range bound in recent quarters, investors are looking to diversify into tech plays. Revenue remains an elusive, yet attractive characteristic for juniors on the TSX Venture.


BTL Group Rallies | May Stock Challenge Update


Long-time Pinnacle member ‘makito‘s boasted a combined average return of 11.61% Tuesday. The member selected BTL for May’s Stock Challenge. The closest past Stock Challenge Champ still in the running is coachbob. His combined average return was 27.94% at the close Tuesday.

Joey Walmsley is leading all Challengers with a 41.76% combined average return. He is followed closely by ‘ziggytheberner’s 38.31% return. There are only six trading days left in May and it remains anyone’s game. June’s Stock Challenge is now open. Click here to register now for a chance to win silver bullion.

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