Darrell Brookstein, financial services serial entrepreneur, author in gold mining, biopharma & hi-tech investing, trading & speculation speaks with Justin Jaye Gold. Justin is an author, lecturer, and pioneer in the study of human behavior in finance, competition, & risk-taking. He is also a teacher of meditation and consciousness for 40 years.

On Brookstein, Gold states that he is:

“Impressed by the chances you’ve taken and the things you’ve done in this country and outside this country and also the ethical standards that you adhere to, which I respect probably more than anything.”

Justin Gold starts with the basic human qualities that are of value and what makes the synthesis of business and making money possible.

Gold talks about the Nature of Winning and Losing

Gold explains how so many people put themselves in a position to feel pain. From his standpoint, he believes it all comes down to:

“What we rest the weight of our lives on.”

He talks about what makes it challenging to have a peaceful life.

Brookstein asks Gold how he originally took steps to achieve balance. Gold is quick to respond, that,

“Only when we get buried in the details of the darkness, do we lose the opportunity for perspective.”

He talks about the importance of family, enjoyment, humour and good friends. And, also the importance of other activities that one loves or really likes.

Gold explains early in the interview that he “fell in love with the exploration of human life…”

The passion for exploring what makes people tick and make decisions was also fundamental to Gold’s early development. The study of human behavior became Gold’s life passion. Darrell Brookstein and J Jaye Gold continue an illuminating discussion for over an hour that is well worth watching and listening to.