• War and Inflation Drive Gold and Silver Prices Higher
  • China’s End Game Involves Gold and BRICS
  • Dr. Kirk Elliott’s Gold and Silver Price Forecast

The threat of war and sticky inflation has pushed gold to record highs. In the latest pod, Aaron sits down with Dr. Kirk Elliott, who runs one of North America’s largest silver bullion dealers. Elliott opens the pod by outlining why all gold and silver products are not created equal and argues that our current environment is perfect for precious metals to thrive. He states,

“We bring hope as a financial solution when the world is falling apart, politically, economically, when banks are about to fail, we’ve got unsustainable debt, interest rates are climbing, people can’t afford to make ends meet, now you’ve got wars and rumors of wars… all those fundamental forces cause stocks, bonds, mutual funds to come down…”

…but, those exact same fundamentals cause gold and silver to go up.”

Dr. Elliott is particularly bullish on silver because it does well during good economic times, and bad. As an industrial metal, when the economy booms, so does demand for silver in countless applications; but, when things are bad, from inflation to war, investors and citizens seek silver for financial protection.

Paradigm Shift Away from Paper Money to Gold and Silver

Dr. Kirk Elliott believes a paradigm shift away from paper money is happening worldwide. The rise of gold and silver (and even Bitcoin) this year is a byproduct of that shift. He explains why governments (and central banks) are anxious to implement CBDCs (central bank digital currencies); and he also delves into the privacy threats of a ‘unified ledger’. However, despite all the concerns, Dr. Elliott is optimistic investors will learn to protect themselves, their personal sovereignty and financial future…

“When you see the stock market starting to fall… when you see revenues coming down… when you see governments that have unsustainable debt that they can’t pay off… Well, then, do something different. Get out of things that are going down and go into things that are going up — that are private.”

Why Putin is Smarter than Biden

When the U.S. seized billions from Russia and effectively removed it from the global SWIFT network, they pushed Putin into China’s hands. Now, with Russia and China politically and economically aligned, the U.S. is unable to monitor their ‘spending habits’. Furthermore, after six of the nine largest oil and gas-producing nations joined the BRICS, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, the nation-bloc has newfound leverage against the USD.

Dr. Elliott explains why he thinks the U.S. controlling the world’s reserve currency is nearing its end. The debt-based system is breaking down as America has been weakened by wars, growing expenditures and entitlements that the country simply can’t afford.

Finally, with the East now controlling and owning more gold than the West, it is becoming clear they want the precious metals’ price to rise…

Kirk explains the heightened political risks of owning most currencies now. Obviously, by owning gold and silver investors can skip the risk and history of devaluation associated with fiat currencies.

Within the decade, “silver could easily be $150 an ounce. With gold being $5,000 to $7,000.”

Dr. Kirk Elliott