This week in Stock Challenge, member ‘Brent Cranwill’ managed to maintain his first place lead with a return of 97.47%! However, there’s been a bit of a shakeup with his competitors; member ‘firefly’ (68.00% return) has moved up from third place into second while member ‘gotanger’ (60.10% return) has swung into third place. Despite his admirable rise from 6th to 3rd place this week, Gotanger will have to stay nimble, as there are currently three other contestants in striking range with returns around 50%

Fire & Flower Breaks Out While Mineral Mountain Resources Breaks Down

Fire & Flower

Fire & Flower jumped 36.36% from C$0.44 to C$0.60 today, announcing last Wednesday it had deployed online payment, curbside pickup and home delivery for cannabis products in Ontario.

Via Fire & Flower,

“Fire & Flower congratulates the province of Ontario and in particular, Premier Doug Ford and Attorney General Doug Downey for their leadership in taking this significant step to allow for home delivery by private cannabis retailers. These actions are critical to ensure that residents of Ontario have access to safe, legal cannabis in ways that protect public health.”

Mineral Mountain Resources

Mineral Mountain Resources fell 31.25% from C$0.40 to a new 52-week low of C$0.28 today after announcing a new Homestake-style gold discovery.

Via Newswire,

“. . .Standby Gold Project represents a new Homestake-style gold discovery, 25 kilometres south of the Homestake Mine, that shares the critical characteristics of the Homestake Gold System, including predictability and grade of gold mineralization. . .”

Will we see “light at the end of the tunnel” in April’s Stock Challenge?

From stating that the “Invisible Enemy” (Covid-19) will soon be in retreat to promising “light at the end of the tunnel,” Trump has been using Twitter to keep hope for a near-term economic recovery alive. While data suggests that coronavirus could be plateauing in hot spots like New York, it’s still too early to know when the U.S. — and the rest of the world — will reopen their economies.