What an epic showdown. One of our most prolific Challengers and top investing minds came within an inch of winning his second Stock Challenge Tuesday afternoon.

joeyg48 Denied Double Crown in February Stock Challenge


Long-time member ‘joeyg48’ led for almost two weeks at the beginning of the month before being overtaken by Calgary-based member ‘Geopick’. Then, in a twisted turn of fate, joeyg48 fought back to take the lead in the dying days of February’s Stock Challenge. But it was not to last… Check out these time stamped images from February 28th below:

Standings at 9:45 AM PST:

February Final Day
Standings at 10:15 AM PST:

February Stock Challenge

Geopick surged in the final minutes of February’s Stock Challenge to steal the victory from joeyg48!

February Stock Challenge Final Results

Geopick was in trouble from the beginning Tuesday, as Newrange Gold collapsed 12% or three cents to close at $0.22 per share. However, it wasn’t Newrange, but the deal that initially catapulted him up the ranks which saved him in the final minutes. We are referring to First Global’s stock, that was the one to catch from the beginning.

Had First Global Data not rebounded from its intra-day low of $0.85 to close at $0.87 Geopick would have lost.

First Global’s Stock – 1 Month Chart

First Global Stock One Month Stock Chart

First Global is a TSX-Venture listed, profitable, Fintech solutions company that has been very active in the past month.

We wrote that,

“How did they do it? Like Trump’s first few weeks in office, they are moving fast. Since December 1st, the company has put out 15 separate press releases. They are averaging more than one press release per week. Impressive. And the market has taken notice.”

Despite First Global’s meteoric rise, we warned investors to review the company’s latest financing in First Global clears $100 million market cap with FINTECH Solutions published earlier this month:

“On November 11, 2016 First Global announced that it was raising up to CDN $3,000,000 of gross proceeds from the sale of up to 30,000,000 units priced at CDN$0.10 per Unit. That was only a few short months ago. In addition, each unit includes one purchase warrant entitling the holder to purchase one common share for a period of three years from the closing date of the offering at an exercise price of CDN $0.20 per common share. The company closed that private placement on December 7th, which means on April 7th there will be 30 million shares free trading. Not only that, there will be an additional 30 million warrants, presumably in the money if First Global’s shares stabilize anywhere near these levels.

Click here to read more about the company’s latest financing.”

Back to February’s Stock Challenge


joeyg48 came as close to the glory and silver bullion as anyone ever has before being denied. Let’s take a look at First Global Data and how it secured Geopick’s first ever win.

Note: joeyg48 has been on fire in recent years. Check out this excerpt from December’s Stock Challenge write-up:

“joeyg48 won December with a smaller combined average return (70.21%) than in February of 2015. Investing in the small-cap sector is all about timing; timing the cycles, timing the news flow and for matters related to this Challenge, when the next breakout is likely. joeyg48 has proven, without a doubt, he knows how to capitalize on timing.”

Well, he proved it again this month. joeyg48 won December’s Stock Challenge and nearly took home the prestige and bullion for the second time in three months. Some people work their entire lives for a taste of prestige this Challenge serves up on a monthly basis.

While it seems obvious the People’s Champ award would go to joeyg48 for losing in such a painful way, he is used to winning – so tough luck!

The People’s Champ Award for February goes to long-time member ‘willmr‘ and his 34.87% return. It’s a tough Challenge and willmr has been playing it since the spring of 2008.

He selected Glen Eagle Resources (GER: TSXV) for February and saw it run to a new 52-week high, finishing Tuesday up 9% to $0.18 per share.

The People’s Champ is a selective award associated with Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge and is given to the participant who failed to win, but nonetheless made a name for himself. It comes with no prizes and unfortunately, no glory.

People's Champ Award

Member ‘SOBARS’ took bronze and was the runner up to this month’s People’s Champ award! His 38.27% combined average return on the month was strong, but just not enough to win a contest with this caliber of investors.

The second best performance from a previous Stock Challenge Champ came from member ‘Guido1077’ who put up a 32.67% return – good enough for 7th overall.

February’s Stock Challenge Top 10

February’s Stock Challenge Top 10

Our champion receives the winner’s only Pinnacle Package – which includes the finest of garments fit for a champion: The Stock Challenge Champ Hoodie and a Pinnacle Digest dri-fit golf shirt (for those afternoons on the links). Wear them with pride Geopick!

silver bullion prize

Member Geopick will receive 10 ounces of silver!

silver bar prizes
Congratulations to our new champion and welcome to the Stock Stars Hall of Fame! We look forward to watching you compete in future contests!

Good luck to everyone in March’s Stock Challenge, which begins on Wednesday.

Pinnacle Digest

February’s Stock Challenge Statistics:

Challengers: 257
Highest Return: 42.77%
Lowest Return: – 54.18%
Average Return: 0.69%
Previous Champs in the Top Twenty: 4