With July’s Stock Challenge concluding this coming Wednesday, we look forward to sending out prizes to our top 3 challengers – which includes silver bullion and some sweet Pinnacle Digest merchandise.

Good luck to all of you in the final days of the contest! It is still too close to call…

Click HERE to view the current standings.

Being near month-end, we’re writing as a reminder to get your picks in ASAP for August’s Stock Challenge. There are just a few days remaining to enter.

So don’t delay. Click here to join August’s contest… have a chance at winner silver bullion, and more! If you haven’t yet made a Stock Challenge profile, do so here – it’s free and takes less than a minute.


Silver bullion among Stock Challenge prizes

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Top 3 Finishers Win Prizes

We look forward to seeing you in the contest, and please don’t hesitate to contact us via email with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. Stock Challenge is our monthly tradition, and it won’t be the same if you’re not in the game!


All the best with your investments,


About the Stock Challenge & How it Works

As one of Canada’s longest-running investment contests, Stock Challenge brings together hundreds of Canadian investors to compete for real prizes. We’ve awarded thousands of dollars in prizes over the years, and with Stock Challenge 3.0 we’re set to award even more…

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The premise of Stock Challenge is simple: participants select two stocks that they believe will perform best for the upcoming month. When the month concludes, the top 3 challengers (determined by calculating the average return of both stock picks – highest return wins) will be awarded prizes.

1st place receives a 10-ounce silver bar, a Pinnacle Digest Stock Challenge Champ hoodie, and a slick Lacoste golf shirt branded with the Pinnacle Digest logo – the perfect shirt for those summer days on the links.

2nd place prize package: 5 ounces of silver and the golf shirt.

3rd place: Golf shirt.

Participants will also be awarded “Badges of Honour” depending on the performance of their stocks on a daily and monthly basis. There are badges for many other contest accomplishments as well. Click here to learn more about the badges, which are tracked in perpetuity.

Badges earned and point totals accrued may demonstrate a contestant’s ability to time market moves, their experience and consistency in the Pinnacle Stock Challenge, and how they stack up when compared to other participants. On every contestant’s profile page, which can be viewed by clicking on their username, you can view which badges they’ve earned, their lifetime point total, and much more.

But badges and points aren’t just for show — they enable you to earn rewards depending on the amount of points you collect. These rewards will be announced shortly, so be sure to stay tuned…

How do you play?

Step 1) Create an account here

Step 2) Select 2 stocks for the month

Step 3) Play to earn points and potentially win silver and/or Pinnacle Digest merchandise.

Good luck!