Investors buy gold and silver as risks rise

Risk of Civil War, Soaring Gold and Silver Prices

  • Gold and Silver Breakout Amidst Buying Surge
  • Something BIG is Missing from the CPI Inflation Rate Calculation
  • The Vast Riches of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt

Gold and silver prices rose to new highs on Monday after gold closed at an all-time high the previous Friday. As investors and the public wake up to the stickiness of inflation, protecting one’s purchasing power is moving to the forefront. Precious metals outperform when war, uncertainty, and inflation drive the macro narrative. Finally, one historic Canadian gold camp may be poised to reap the benefit of higher gold prices in these volatile economic times…

Rick Rule on the Broken CPI Inflation Rate

Rick Rule explains why the CPI inflation rate calculation is a flawed index.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculates the CPI as a weighted average of prices in the economy. However, what is included in the basket has changed over the years. Policymakers and politicians removed food ….

Rick Rule on the mining market and natural resources

Rick Rule on the Coming Dollar Devaluation

  • Rick Rule on the Mining Market Today
  • The Coming Fiat Devaluation Will Send Gold and Other Commodities Higher
  • Rick Outlines the Metals and Markets He Believes Will Outperform

In the latest pod, Aaron sits down with legendary mining investor Rick Rule. Rick goes into the details of his first two major mining stock wins in Vancouver’s junior mining market

From pouring drinks for the biggest mining players in town, to finding 15-baggers and more, Rick shares his personal story of making a fortune as a young man betting on speculative mining stocks.

The 1970s Were Good for Natural Resources and Mining Stocks

Rick explains that in the inflationary decade of the 1970s, he found it easy to make money with mining stocks. Too easy, in fact. As the gold price continued higher throughout the 70s, the street, as they say, was lured into gold and gold stocks, and a ‘melt-up’ took place. This made Rick ….

peak gold arrives

‘Peak Gold’ Arrives

  • Peak Gold May Already Be Here
  • Silver Bullion Tops List of Investments
  • Explorers are Returning to Famous Gold Camps

For years, we’ve spoken and written about the potential for ‘Peak Gold‘. Now, in 2024, we may have already hit this critical barrier/era for the precious metal…

According to, global gold production over the last decade has been relatively flat. Considering the falling average grade of gold mines globally, and the lack of exploration investment over the past decade, total gold production should continue to stagnate.

The World Gold Council explained in early 2023 that:

“Annual mine production increased 1% year over year although remains below the record high seen in 2018.”

Despite record central bank buying in 2022 and almost again in 2023, jewelry still dominates global gold consumption, accounting for 46% in 2023. Gold bars, coins, and ETFs account for about $3 trillion, representing roughly 1% of the $266 trillion financial assets invested globally. If ….

inflation to ravage middle class

No Rate Cuts Coming as Inflation Crushes

  • Newmont Leads Gold Stocks Higher
  • America’s National Debt Continues Surge
  • Dr. Kirk Elliott’s Thoughts on the Fed’s Next Move

With inflation stickier than most initially predicted, gold and gold stocks have benefited tremendously. What’s more, the Fed refuses to raise rates despite rising shelter costs, strong consumer demand and higher food prices. According to data from April 30th, the Case-Shiller national home price index hit a fresh all-time high in February.

Last week, Newmont topped all forecasts, reporting robust earnings that sent the stock up nearly 13% on April 25th. Newmont is the world’s largest gold producer and its strong fiscal performance could be a bellwether of things to come for the majors…

Tom Palmer, Newmont’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated,

“Newmont delivered a strong first quarter operational performance, producing 2.2 million gold equivalent ounces and generating over $1.4 billion in cash from operations before working capital changes.”

These results lifted almost all miners as ….

gold and silver buyers swoop in

War and Inflation Drive Gold to Record Highs

  • War and Inflation Drive Gold and Silver Prices Higher
  • China’s End Game Involves Gold and BRICS
  • Dr. Kirk Elliott’s Gold and Silver Price Forecast

The threat of war and sticky inflation has pushed gold to record highs. In the latest pod, Aaron sits down with Dr. Kirk Elliott, who runs one of North America’s largest silver bullion dealers. Elliott opens the pod by outlining why all gold and silver products are not created equal and argues that our current environment is perfect for precious metals to thrive. He states,

…but, those exact same fundamentals cause gold and silver to ….

“We bring hope as a financial solution when the world is falling apart, politically, economically, when banks are about to fail, we’ve got unsustainable debt, interest rates are climbing, people can’t afford to make ends meet, now you’ve got wars and rumors of wars… all those fundamental forces cause stocks, bonds, mutual funds to come down…”

…but, those exact same fundamentals cause gold and silver to ….

gold mining sector brightens

2 Reasons Gold’s Rally Won’t Fade

  • Gold’s Stealth Rally Takes Flight
  • Aaron Argues for Gold’s Importance in 2024
  • Alex Visits a Global Mining Hub in Northern Quebec

Gold’s stealth rally to new all-time highs is finally getting some press. Easter Monday saw gold rip to another fresh high of around $2,265 per ounce. And the rally isn’t over; gold was flirting with $2,300 by Wednesday. However, gold mining companies continue to lag the metal’s performance, still down significantly from their highs of spring 2023. According to several industry pundits, the memetic power of gold (and its investment allure), has changed with the advent of Bitcoin and its relatively rapid price ascent.

Gold’s Importance is Stronger than Ever

Aaron believes that after thousands of years of use, gold’s importance in our lives, economy, and technology has only grown… Civilizations have found value in gold for millennia, and today, it is most widely used in jewelry, as an investment, and in electronics, ….

U.S. debt continues to expand

U.S. Debt Goes Parabolic, Gold and Bitcoin Soar

  • U.S. Debt Goes Parabolic, Adding $1 Trillion Every 100 Days
  • Gold and Bitcoin Soar as Investors Flee Dollar
  • Copper Rips Higher Amidst Renewable Energy Revolution

The United States’ national debt is skyrocketing, currently growing by about $1 trillion every 100 days. Gold and Bitcoin are breaking out, trading near record highs, as market participants race to protect themselves against the ongoing currency debasement. And, as the renewable energy revolution rolls on, copper demand is soaring as its price diverges with iron ore.

U.S. National Debt Goes Parabolic

The propensity of Washington to spend is reaching levels no one, even the most jaded libertarian, could have imagined. In the U.S. national debt spiraling out of control, rising $1 trillion every 100 days, a Washington Times staffer writes,

“To put the new rise into perspective, the debt expanded to $33 trillion on Sept. 15 after having reached $32 trillion just three months prior on June 15. Before this ….

“To put the new rise into perspective, the debt expanded to $33 trillion on Sept. 15 after having reached $32 trillion just three months prior on June 15. Before this ….

coal demand soars led by China and India

Coal Demand Hits Record in 2023 Despite Price Falling

  • Global Coal Demand Hits Record as Renewables Not Ready
  • Europe’s Conundrum as it Continues to Import Coal
  • The World’s Top 5 Coal Consumers

Global coal demand reached record levels in 2023 despite governments pushing for cleaner, more sustainable energy policies. As virtue signaling and hopes for the future meet today’s reality, governments must balance policy with actual necessity. Without cheap energy, history proves that economies will struggle to grow.

Aaron lives in Calgary, Alberta and was recently threatened by the grid shutting down as an Arctic front moved in. Renewables were responsible for less than 1% of energy generation during this period of about a week, proving unreliable in a near winter crisis. About 5-6 years ago, Alberta began decommissioning its coal plants…

Europe and the United States are shutting down coal plants to reduce their reliance on the worst form of energy from the standpoint of greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, countries like China and ….

AI-powered economy changing industries faster than imagined

AI Economy Taking Over Everything

  • AI-powered everything poised to take over industries as automated workplaces develop
  • Layoffs Coming as Large Companies Cut Costs
  • AI Meets Mining in Big Win for U.S. in Africa

The world of AI is moving at warp speed, and disruption and job losses from its advancements are on our doorstep.

Klarna is a perfect example, as the Company’s AI-powered payment and shopping solutions platform handles over 2 million daily transactions. Based in Sweden, Klarna is entering the most advanced economies, including Canada, to make online shopping easier.

Listen to the highlights from the Company’s announcement this week in the video below:

According to a Bloomberg article by Matt Day, Humanoid Robots at Amazon Provide Glimpse of an Automated Workplace,

“Employees at an Inc. warehouse near Seattle recently got a glimpse of the future of work: a 5-foot-9-inch robot that resembles a human, walks like a bird and has glowing white eyes. Called Digit, the machine is ….

“Employees at an Inc. warehouse near Seattle recently got a glimpse of the future of work: a 5-foot-9-inch robot that resembles a human, walks like a bird and has glowing white eyes. Called Digit, the machine is ….

the world needs more uranium to fuel its power reactors

Uranium Demand Soars as Countries Build Reactors

  • The world is waking up to the fact uranium is hard to find, secure and produce as the price continues to trade near 15-year highs
  • There are currently 60 nuclear reactors under construction across the globe
  • As always, junior miners are rushing in, hoping to make a uranium discovery and capitalize on the boom

Throughout the world, few countries are as dependent on uranium as France. Nuclear energy accounts for about 62% of its total electricity generation. So, as uranium prices trade near $100, the highest level since 2007, France is uniquely suffering under the weight of soaring uranium prices.

France has a whopping 56 operational nuclear power reactors – making it one of the world’s largest users of nuclear power.

Many large economies, from Sweden at 29% to South Korea at 30%, depend on foreign uranium for their nuclear power plants for electricity generation.

France has historically been dependent on three nations for its uranium. ….

battery metals mining companies are powering the future

Battery Metals Sector Continues to Suffer

  • Chief among the industry challenges is the timeline from discovery to production.
  • Price-to-earnings ratios for miners suggest low investor participation in the sector.
  • Lithium is the latest mining niche to take a beating.

Price-to-earnings ratios remain muted between 9 and 13 for most major mining companies – a far cry from the mid to late 2000s boom years. This lack of enthusiasm for miners has had massive negative impacts on the juniors within the space, leading to multi-year lows in financing and trading activity. Our latest podcast discusses the state of mining globally and at home in Canada.

Lithium’s price (spodumene concentrate) has dropped below $1,000 per ton. Because of this, battery metal mining stocks have seen their valuations decline dramatically in recent weeks.

Time from Discovery to Production Hurts Mining Sector

S&P Global Market Intelligence reported in the middle of 2023 that the average time from discovery to production is now 15.7 years. ….

S&P Global Market Intelligence reported in the middle of 2023 that the average time from discovery to production is now 15.7 years. ….

Canada homelessness set to rise

Canada Homelessness to Double by 2030?

One of the greatest threats to Western civilization is the addiction and mental health epidemic.

The World Health Organization noted that the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. And with homelessness soaring across the world, taxpayers are about to fork over more money as governments and municipalities try and tackle the crisis.

Canada homelessness levels are causing grave concern for citizens and policymakers alike.

Homeless encampments are popping up in cities and towns from coast to coast; in Canada, the rising cost of living, combined with the fallout from the pandemic, has left tens of thousands vulnerable.

In early 2024, predictive AI software HelpSeeker forecasted Canada’s homeless population will nearly double in the next six years.

Look no further than California as an example of the fallout that can transpire amidst rampant drug use on major city streets and rising homelessness. California is ….

capital investment spikes as US markets hit record highs

Homelessness, Recessions, and Soaring Stock Valuations

  • The homelessness crisis sweeping North America and much of the world is only getting worse. Recently, we looked at one potential solution as communities grapple with this growing problem.
  • Germany is stuck in recession as cheap energy remains its greatest hurdle to regaining its status as the economic engine of Europe.
  • The “Magnificent 7” continue to lead U. S. markets higher, drawing in capital investment from around the world.
  • And, the ‘capitalist class’ is working hard in Canada as many venture capital markets remain under pressure.

Do the Homeless Have the Solution?

As homeless encampments spring up across communities nationwide, few are actually asking those without a permanent address what potential solutions could be…

In this interview, Alex meets Daniel, originally from Quebec and came to B.C. in the late 1970s.

Now in his 70s, Daniel fears being forced to move and explains that safety and freedom, not addiction or mental health, have driven ….

Now in his 70s, Daniel fears being forced to move and explains that safety and freedom, not addiction or mental health, have driven ….

venture capital trends 2024

Big Trends Shaping Venture Capital in 2024

In the final podcast of 2023, Aaron and Alex share data on the evolving psyche of the North American venture capital investor.

For the most part, it was a challenging year for Canadian investors as mining stocks lagged, and overall investment activity was well below the boom years of 2021 and early 2022. Soaring interest rates and record interest payment spending led many Canadians to tighten their belts and reduce speculative bets. But, with numerous rate cuts anticipated in 2024, the investment landscape will look very different this time next year.

Aaron and Alex discuss what startup CEOs should focus on and the positivity creeping back into venture markets, including the TSXV… A surge in private equity activity points to renewed optimism and potentially higher volumes across the small and micro-cap markets in 2024.

Investors Target Tech

Instead of speculating and funding growth like in 2021 and early 2022, investors are looking for profitability ….

British Columbia housing is about to change forever

Canadian Real Estate and African Coups

From coups in Africa to historic changes to housing policy in British Columbia, and tens of thousands of layoffs in the U.S. trucking industry, the world is rife with economic turmoil…

Commodities are central to politics and economic policy, which makes every story we covered last week important to catch up on.

What’s been called the most transformative housing legislation in Canada’s history could be a game-changer for British Columbia, but it’s not without concerns…

BC’s new housing legislation ends single-family zoning in towns with over 5,000 people, potentially paving the way for Canada’s first 15-minute cities…

Aaron questions whether or not this sweeping policy will actually bring down the cost per square foot in places like Vancouver.

Why Isn’t the Rule of Law Being Upheld?

Many workers in Canada can’t catch a break…

Some Canadians are actually paying their employer to work!

The crime of dining and dashing is rising across parts of Canada, and Ontario is ….

The crime of dining and dashing is rising across parts of Canada, and Ontario is ….

nuclear energy investment

A.I. and Nuclear Energy to Garner Capital in 2024

A.I. and energy policy are the driving forces behind big changes in our world right now…

Nuclear energy and uranium miners may be poised for a golden era if COP28’s ambitions come to pass.

Additionally, many investors fail to realize that A.I. may be behind a coming surge in demand for silver and precious metals.

According to Metals Focus, an independent precious metals research consultancy, increased demand for chips powering A.I. technology will drive “widespread support for a range of precious metals bearing components.”

In other words, demand for gold and silver could soar in 2024 and beyond due to the global rollout of all things A.I.

Silver demand hit a record 1.24 billion ounces in 2022 and will likely run hot over the next several years. And if A.I. isn’t the catalyst for a surge in silver demand, the green revolution should be…

Scientists at the University of New South Wales believe solar manufacturers will ….

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