After a month of fierce competition, veteran Stock Challenger ‘iram53’ took home first place in the August 2019 Stock Challenge, solidifying themselves as one of our summer 2019 Stock Challenge Champions! iram53 finished the month with an impressive return of 100.62%, having picked Blackrock Gold Corporation. and Millenial Esports Corporation. iram53, your hard-earned 10 ounces of silver, Pinnacle Digest polo, and Stock Challenge Champion hoodie will be sent to you shortly!

Runner up to iram53 is second place member ‘avispa’, who surpassed third place member ‘Andrea Mannell’ by just 0.23% for a final return of 63.81%.

These two were neck-and-neck for the final hours of Stock Challenge, so be sure to congratulate them on a game well played in the Stock Challenge leaderboards. Avispa, your 5 ounces of silver and Pinnacle Digest polo are on their way! And don’t worry Andrea Mannell — we’d never forget about you! Your Pinnacle Digest polo will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Ranking list for the Top 10 of the August 2019 Stock Challenge

Gold Maintains Bullish Momentum In August 2019

The theme for much of this summer has been gold and its journey above $1500 per ounce — a theme that carried on throughout August.

Although gold lost some of its gains by the end of August, the yellow metal is still up over 19% since May, having risen from approximately US$1280 to US$1520. With gold maintaining it’s bullish momentum in August, it’s not surprising to see gold stocks in the portfolios of this month’s first and second place winners.

While it remains to be seen how the markets respond to the United States’ imminent tariffs on additional Chinese goods, some analysts believe that gold could be headed as high as US$1,700 in the near-term.

Honorable Mention Of The Month: Member ‘Pacelli’

This month’s honorable mention for Stock Challenge goes to member ‘Pacelli’, who ended up in sixth place after achieving a return of 42.26% for the month. Pacelli has been a Top 3 contender in earlier Stock Challenges, so we know it’s only a matter of time until he claims first place!

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