We’re one week into the July 2019 Stock Challenge and things are off to a great start! The contest is currently being led by member ‘turtle_named_Mack‘, who picked IMPACT Silver Corp. and Golden Predator Mining Corp. to achieve an average total return of 25.89% for the month thus far. Close behind turtle_named_Mack is second-place member ‘iram53‘ with an average total return of 21.74%, followed by third-place member ‘mjluke4‘ with 20.29%.

While turtle_named_Mack’s second pick Golden Predator Mining is up 44.64%, IMPACT Silver is only up 7.14%—meaning that our friend Mack is heavily reliant on Golden Predator Mining to keep him in first place.

On July 5, 2019, Golden Predator Mining announced a C$6.08 million private placement.

Via Golden Predator Mining Corp.,

“Janet Lee-Sheriff, [Golden Predator Mining’s] Chief Executive Officer, commented “The response to the private placement illustratesthe favourable reaction from the financial community to the planned restart of the Brewery Creek Minein Canada’s Yukon.

With gold prices picking up, a low capex and short timeline to production combined with the support of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and Yukon Government, Golden Predator will accelerate its activities and advance the timelines at the Brewery Creek Mine.”

July 8, 2019 Stock Breakouts and Breakdowns

The biggest stock breakout of the day goes to iMining Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Inc., who soared 61.11% from C$0.09 to C$0.14. While news from iMining has been slow for 2019 so far, the company announced last month that it had granted stock options to directors, officers and consultants of the company.

Via iMining Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Inc.,

” . . . an aggregate of 2,990,000 shares have been granted to directors, officers and consultants as incentive stock options at an exercise price of $0.15 per share. The options are exercisable for a period of five years, ending on June 26, 2024.”

In contrast to iMining is Cannara Biotech Inc., an emerging vertically integrated cannabis company that took home the biggest stock breakdown of the day by falling 39.39% from C$0.17 to C$0.10. Cannara Biotech was recently added to the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF following a quarterly rebalancing of the index.

To those that are new to Stock Challenge this month, welcome! And to all of you familiar faces, welcome back… We look forward to seeing how everyone does in this month’s Stock Challenge!