Deadly Attacks in Niger & Somalia have turned a cold war hot. Many junior resource companies have assets in Africa, which is why we cover the region closely.

Junior Resource Companies at Risk in Some African Countries

A guest speaker, Horace Campbell, on Democracy Now, explains,

“So, this relationship between the United States and France, in what is called fighting war on terror in the Sahel, comes six years after the United States, France and Britain went into Libya to destroy that country, because that country wanted to create the basis for the unification of Africa and an African currency.”

Furthermore, as it relates to African influence,

“Well, in the case of France and the United States of America, both cannot compete with China.”

China Becomes Largest Trading Partner with Africa

China has become Africa’s largest trade partner in recent years. The Chinese government has boosted African oil and mining sectors in exchange for advantageous trade deals.

Fast forward to 10 minutes in the video to learn about how China is impacting Africa and its natural resources.

In March of 2014, we published, The World’s Next Battleground – Junior Miners Get Out. The special report on increasing instability in Africa opened with,

“From rare earths to the world’s highest grade copper deposits to untapped oil fields Africa is ripe with opportunity in the natural resource sector. Over 50% of the world’s platinum and palladium production comes from the continent (primarily South Africa) and roughly one-third of the world’s gold production. Unfortunately, aside from a handful of nations within the continent, this is no place for North American junior resource companies to operate. For the most part, North American companies are no longer welcome in Africa.”

Tensions between labor and Western miners continues to escalate. Finally, China continues to ice lucrative trade deals and invest billions in infrastructure in the continent.