Fast forward to 2:32 to get right into Mike’s breakdown of the Stock Market Bubble. The Real Estate bubble begins at 13:13, followed by the Bond Bubble which completes the Everything Bubble.


Everything Bubble includes Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate


Mike Maloney first points to the S&P 500 Price-Earnings Ratio of 29, which suggests the markets are in a bubble. The markets have only been above this level on two occasions, 1929 and 2000.

Next up is the Margin debt net credit balance…

In Maloney’s 35-minute presentation he cites record margin debt and complacency as two factors fueling the bubble.

The VIX, which has traded to a 23-year low, represents the volatility risk. We wrote about this disconnect over the weekend in Why the Stock Market is Set for a Dramatic Swing. Click here to read this exclusive report.

Maloney moves from one metric to the next as he builds his case that stocks, bonds, and real estate could all be in extreme bubble territory.