Metals investor and author Paul Mladjenovic believes there are new reasons to buy and hold gold.

As the U.S. transitions into a new administration led by President Donald Trump and with the uncertainty brewing in Europe, gold and silver may prove to have another stellar year.

Mladjenovic is bullish on gold and silver, not because of its “safe harbor” appeal, but, due to “an inflationary impact”. Mladjenovic cites the recent January inflation numbers and expects this to continue.

He is also the author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies, one of the books that forms part of the popular ‘For Dummies’ series.

Mladjenovic told Kitco News he doesn’t expect gold and silver to gain attention as safe-haven assets, but rather as inflation hedges. “I think silver has a strong opportunity to be around $25 by the end of 2017… gold can go north of $1,300 this year,” he said.

Long-term he believes the metals will go even higher.