IOT or the Internet of Things is still big business. While no longer a buzzword on the TSX Venture or CSE, economies are spending billions on it. Fintech and the overall digitization of society is happening.

IOT or Internet of Things Revolutionizes Banking Sector

This sector is not new to us as we wrote about it constantly in 2017. Check out Our New Favourite Industry to Invest In, published in November of last year where we wrote,

“The ‘Internet of Things’ is ushering in the next Industrial Revolution. When you hear IoT (also known as The Internet of Things), think businesses utilizing electronic devices to stay more connected to their assets and operations…”

CNBC outlines the never-ending digital innovation we are all witnessing. For investors, the way in which IOT is reshaping industries by disrupting existing business and operating models is important to know.

Episode 1 looks at the impact of digital transformation across the finance (B2C) sector. For investors with no idea what “solution architects” and “optimization experts” mean, welcome to the club. Still to move forward as a confident investor, its time to embrace these implementations and at least understand the basics.