Fast forward to 12:30 for Rickards current market forecast.

Four-time best-selling author Rickards thinks the markets, gold and everything else is pricing in a Fed rate hike in December.


Rickards Market Forecast Includes No Rate Hike in December

On the stock market, Rickards notes,

“The stock market continues to power higher. It almost has a life of its own. Nothing short of world war three, and I ‘m not even sure if that would slow down the stock market. But the stock market is interpreting this rate hike of economic strength.”

Rickards predicts,

“The Fed is not going to hike rates in December.”

Jim outlines the three metrics the Fed is most concerned with and why disinflation is the most important.


Hunter and Rickards Talk North Korea War

On North Korea, Greg Hunter wonders if there is a dangerous moment coming in October?

Rickards says “yes,” and it comes from increased tensions with North Korea.

Furthermore, Rickards says, “We have a window from October 10th to October 21st. What is the significance of that window? October 10th is the anniversary of the communist party of North Korea.”

Rickards explains, Kim Jong Un is getting ready to test more missiles…

We have two catalysts: the anniversary on October 10th and war games (with South Korea) on October 21st. In that window is when I expect one or more missile tests. That’s going to be another wake-up call to the markets. Rickards believes the markets are sleepwalking… they don’t understand this war is coming, and it is coming.

Finally, Rickards predicts,

“A shooting war, kinetic war, an attack really, a pre-emptive war, preventive war with the United States against North Korea, I do expect by mid-2018…”


“Kim Jong Un thinks we are bluffing. We are not.”

Consequently, Rickards restates his case for “$10,000 gold” and contends it’s at a relatively low price. He calmly suggests people should buy it now and simply hold it.