Jim Rogers is staying negative on the global economy, predicting a global crash. Henry Blodget examines market valuations and the dismal expected returns that go along with them. Jim Rogers says the market will crash in the next few years and calls the Fed clueless.

Blodget says he has never heard Rogers so confident a crash is imminent. Blodget talks market valuation and evaluates the historic factors at play.

After being asked:

“What is going to be, with respect to the stock market?”

Rogers responds:

“I learned very early in my investing careers, I better not invest in what I want. I better invest in what’s happening in the world, otherwise I’ll be broke, dead broke.”

On the crash, Blodget asks: When is this going to happen?

Rogers confidently responds,

“Later this year or next. Write it down.”

Rogers outlines the many things that could trigger the coming crash. In conclusion, Rogers says, “Be worried!”

Rogers quotes Benjamin Franklin, “Anybody who would give up freedom for security is going to wind up with less security and less freedom.”