From Mexico City, Max Keiser and Stacy discuss money rationing, healthcare and investment opportunities. Since, reliving his days on Wall Street, Max explains how new financial products changed the game; and, “Financial Engineering Creativity” which included the invention of credit default swaps and the junk bond market. Because, the SEC ended up changing many of its laws to accommodate new markets, Max thinks it will happen again.

Money Rationing Heightens Demand for Cryptocurrencies


Keiser relates money rationing to Bitcoin. Therefore,

“If you have the market, you change the law.”

The new topic of Initial Coin Offering or ICO’s on various cryptocurrencies is dominating financial headlines. defines an ICO as:

“An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks.”


In conclusion, Max speaks with economist and columnist Alejandro Nadal about Trump’s economic and geopolitical policies and what they mean for Mexico. As a result, if Trump can find a way to get the economy humming, his doubters will fade away.