In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy discuss the cheap wages and crushed limbs of Alabama’s auto manufacturing boom. Germany and China have benefited most from globalization with respect to its manufacturing sector over the past few decades.

Max and Stacey question what will really make America great again and if Trump has a chance. Stacey asks,

“what sort of jobs do you want and how you want these trade deals to go?”


Max debuts some bizarre new sunglasses as the market happenings appear to be weighing on his psyche. His comic appeal is growing, as the topics and tensions around the world become stranger and more detached from previous realities.

In the second half Max interviews Professor John Mill Ackerman in Mexico City about what the NAFTA renegotiations might mean for Mexico and world trade and whether or not Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador could win the next elections with his anti-neoliberal economic message.