Less than a year ago, President Trump said Janet Yellen should be ashamed of herself. He blamed the Fed as acting politically by holding interest rates low to keep the economy on the rails and that they were in bed with the Democrats. Louis Crandall, Wrightson ICAP, provides insight to Janet Yellen’s tenure at the Fed after comments made by President Trump. He also weighs in on the future of interest rates and Trump’s remarks on the U.S. dollar.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal asked Trump if Yellen was “toast” when her term as Fed chair expired in February 2018. His response has baffled some, when he exclaimed,


“No, not toast. “You know, I like her, I respect her. She’s been here [in the Oval Office.] She’s been in that seat. I do like the low interest rate policy.”


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Now in office, no one can deny President Trump has reversed course on some policy stances.