As always, Peter Schiff believes there is an economic storm brewing, just on the horizon. As was the case in past contractions, the Fed will employ stimulus to aid the struggling US economy. Schiff thinks the catalyst to deliver tax cuts to the American public will come in the form of a stimulus. For any stimulus to be delivered the US economy must enter recession.

Schiff discusses the recent US bombings in Syria,

“If you thought that this was going to be a different foreign policy, if you thought this was going to be non-interventionalist, think again. This si the same old, same old. I’ve said this before. Donald Trump is aligning himself with the Republican establish. He is fighting the freedom caucus.”


Schiff notes, that “whenever we start causing international problems, the dollar just goes up. It still has this reflexive, safe haven bid to it. So the minute bombs are dropped, people start buying the dollar.”

Finally, Schiff shares his opinions on gold surrounding the Syria bombing and into the future. He outlines the real reasons for buying gold, which don’t include political uncertainty.