The James Webb Space Telescope is a part of NASA’s ongoing Flagship program. It is under construction and scheduled to launch in October of 2018.

President Donald Trump recently signed the NASA Transition Authorization Act into law. Trump is working to motivate and inspire his fellow Americans in a bid to reignite patriotism and togetherness despite that great division that exists between party lines.

On March 15th, NASA released its latest press release discussing the telescope.


“The clean room lights were turned off to inspect the telescope after it experienced vibration and acoustic testing.”

And that,

“What happens when the lights are turned out in the enormous clean room that currently houses NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope? The technicians who are inspecting the telescope and its expansive golden mirrors look like ghostly wraiths in this image as they conduct a “lights out inspection” in the Spacecraft Systems Development and Integration Facility (SSDIF) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.”

Click here to read the full report and view an amazing up close photo of the telescope.


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