As the war on fake news continues, Donald Trump held his first official press conference since being elected today. The event was extremely heated between the President-elect and much of the mainstream media after a questionable news report came out from Buzzfeed about alleged behavior of Trump’s while in Russia. It appears as if the MSM wants to portray President Donald Trump and members of his personal network as allies with Putin.

Clearly, Trump was not happy about these news reports which lacked evidence and were based almost solely on speculation. Trump vehemently denies the allegations in the press conference and berates CNN’s Jim Acosta in the process, calling the network fake news

Trump stated that the recent Buzzfeed story about him was a disgrace and is something that “Nazi Germany would have done, and did do…”

Today’s press conference between Donald Trump and the mainstream media is likely a sign of the tense relationship to come between the two.