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Internet of Things | Ubiquitous Computing

Wayne Piekarski is a developer advocate at Google. He gave a speech in May surrounding The Internet of Things and why it is going to change everything.

“So, while phones were bigger than PCs, Internet of Things is going to be even bigger than phones. And, it’s going to be incredible.”

Piekarski goes on to explain ubiquitous computing and how to reframe how we think about apps and the internet.

Google has a wide range of platforms and tools to support the Internet of Things and to bring about the vision of ubiquitous computing so our users can interact with services wherever and whenever it makes sense for them. Come to this talk to learn about all of these initiatives at Google, including the Google Assistant, Android Things, Google Cloud, Android TV, Android Wear, and Android Auto.

Finally, Piekarski explains more about how they all fit together as part of an ecosystem, which one is most appropriate for different types of developers and applications, and which talks you should be attending at Google I/O. Click here to read Rise of the Machines, which outlines why A.I. and The Internet of Things will be the fastest growing sectors on earth.