Stock Challengers, please join us in congratulating member ‘Brian Crich’—our newest Stock Challenge Champion! Brian Crich finished the month with a stunning return of 61.43% by picking 01 Communique Laboratory Inc and Parkervision Inc., placing him 2nd on the All-Time Stock Challenge Leaderboards. Your 10 ounces of silver, Pinnacle Digest polo, and Stock Challenge Champion hoodie will be on its way shortly, Champ!

Behind Brian Crich is our second place winner ‘bob4001’, who boasts a solid return of 52.09%. Bob4001, you fought valiantly this month, and as such, are well-deserving of your prize: 5 ounces of silver and a Pinnacle Digest polo! Considering how close you came to first place, we have a funny feeling that we’ll be seeing you in the Top 3 again soon…

Last but not least is our third place winner ‘turtle_named_Mack’, who fended off hordes of Top 3 hopefuls with a return of 45.54%. Well done turtle_named_Mack; you can expect to receive your Pinnacle Digest Polo shortly!

July 2019 Stock Challenge Top 10 Leaderboards

Canadian Rare-earth Metals Companies and Canadian Marijuana Index Decline In July

What a month it was for Stock Challenge…

In July, Canadian rare-earth metal companies declined as fears over whether or not China would restrict its rare-earth exports subsided. While the latest investor frenzy for rare-earth metals appears to have lasted for little more than a month, there’s no telling what could happen to the rare-earth metals sector if the U.S.-Chinese trade war escalates further.

In other news, Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. made waves this month with the announcement that it had formed an R&D partnership with multinational tobacco company Imperial Brands PLC. While the news of this partnership and Imperial Brands’ accompanying $123 million investment in Auxly appears to have had a positive effect on Auxly’s share price, it doesn’t seem to have done much for the Canadian marijuana sector as a whole. The Canadian Marijuana Index (CMI) is getting dangerously close to its 52-week low of 403.95, having closed at 421.29 by the end of July. Though Imperial Brands’ interest in the Canadian marijuana industry is certainly welcome, the sector will likely require a more substantial catalyst to break investors out of their ennui.

Honourable Mention Of The Month: Member ‘Wreak Havoc’

This month’s honorable mention for Stock Challenge goes to member ‘Wreak Havoc’, who ended up in sixth place after achieving a return of 40.51% for the month. Keep at it, Wreak Havoc—we know you have what it takes to become a Stock Challenge Champ.

August 2019 Stock Challenge Is About To Begin!

Stock Challengers, we hope you’re ready… it’s only a matter of hours until the August 2019 Stock Challenge begins. It’s the last summer month of the 2019 Stock Challenge, so let’s make it count!