Edgewater Wireless’ (YFI:TSXV) stock has broken out to yet another new high as it continues to trade huge volume on the TSX Venture.

Edgewater’s patented WiFi3 core technology was designed to resolve issues caused by high-density internet traffic.

Edgewater Wireless’ shares are currently up roughly 3,000% from its lows earlier this year. It is impossible to know how widely adopted WiFi3 will become, and to what degree global service providers will embrace the platform, but investors have been buying up shares rather quickly in the company.

Skafel to present Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3 in London


The company announced Monday morning that Edgewater Wireless‘ CEO, Andrew Skafel, who I interviewed on a Pinnacle Podcast episode in April of this year, would be speaking at the Carrier Wi-Fi World Conference on June 10th in London.

Edgewater’s share price spiked almost immediately following the news this morning. After closing at $0.55per share on Friday, Edgewater opened at $0.56 and quickly gapped up above $0.60, touching a new high of$0.62 and trading at that level at 11:47 AM EST.

This company is continuing to deliver on news and investors were likely betting Monday morning that more exposure might lead to deals and higher valuations for Edgewater Wireless in the future.

Edgewater Wireless’ market cap was hovering in the $75 million range Monday morning.

Below is a short excerpt from Edgewater’s press release this morning:

“Endorsed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, Carrier Wi-Fi World brings together the entire Wi-Fi ecosystem and is where senior network executives meet to decide how to deploy, manage and monetize Carrier-grade Wi-Fi. The event highlights that there’s no better place to meet mobile operators looking to source new products and partners and invest in the latest Wi-Fi technologies.”

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Andrew Skafel, CEO of Edgewater Wireless commented that, “Too many users demanding too much data are overwhelming public and private Wi-Fi networks and everyone is now scrambling to get ahead of the issue. Our patented WiFi3 technology is uniquely positioned to solve the high density Wi-Fi problem.”

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Edgewater Wireless: a May Stock Challenge favorite


Each and every member currently in the Top 10 of Pinnacle’s May Stock Challenge has selected Edgewater Wireless.

Long time Pinnacle member ‘CHowse’ was in the lead Monday morning with a 117.89% combined average return thus far on the month as not only Edgewater Wireless, but his second selection of Mezzi Holdings was up 13.6%, and within one penny of its 52-week high.

Yes indeed, tech stocks were still showing life Monday as gold and oil languished and commodity investors looked elsewhere for opportunity. Only 3 of the top 10 most liquid stocks on the TSX Venture hailed from the resource sector Monday morning.

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On April 7th we sat down with Edgewater Wireless’ President and CEO for an exclusive interview to discuss his company and its future goals.


Edgewater Wireless – 3 Month Chart



I first wrote about Edgewater in an article titled Edgewater Wireless’ wifi3 hype builds on March 11th 2015. Below is a short excerpt:

“What is so shocking about Edgewater Wireless’ rise is that the stock traded for just $0.035 on March 5th, 5 short trading days ago.

The stock traded some 6.6 million shares and rallied 283.33% that day to close at $0.115 per share.

Now, more than 29 million shares have traded hands in the past 5 days. Edgewater closed at $0.12 per share Wednesday.”

I concluded that first article with this statement:

“Edgewater Wireless is now in the mix and among the leaders of a new wave of innovative junior tech stocks on the TSX Venture.”

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Edgewater Wireless’ stock keeps rolling


Edgewater Wireless’ stock was up for its 6th consecutive day in a row Monday and has risen in 10 of the past 11 trading days since hitting a low of $0.20 per share on May 8th.

It is safe to say, at this point on May 25th 2015, Edgewater Wireless has become the hottest stock on the TSX Venture.





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