The 2018 US midterms on November 6th are almost one month away. For investors and all intensive purposes, the 2018 midterms are the most important in decades. The outcome will have an impact on financial assets and possibly a significant impact on the marijuana sector. While some Republicans initially opposed widespread adoption of medical and recreational marijuana, the sentiment is changing.

At the end of August, the Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, signed legislation “allowing the use of medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids.”

In an article titled Illinois governor signs bill to allow medical marijuana as opioid alternative, the writer explains,

“…political pressure has built as the governor’s Democratic challenger in November, J.B. Pritzker, a proponent of legalizing adult-use marijuana, has opened a double-digit lead, according to some polls.”

We believe this is happening all over the United States as the evidence supporting medical marijuana and cultural acceptance ease restrictions on the drug. In April, the LA Times published Some Republican lawmakers, once critical of marijuana, now think highly of it. Here’s why one Republican thinks the House and Senate will stay red in November.

Matt Bevin | Republican Kentucky Governor on the US Midterms

“In modern times there has only been twice where there was not a midterm shift in power.”

And that,

“It would be unusual if the Democrats did not take control of the House. In fact, the average has been 31 seats in each of the midterm elections that have changed parties. The Republicans have a 24 seat lead I believe, which would imply they would be seven seats down.”


“Statistically, historically, it’s a given that they will lose the house. But, there have been two times when that did not happen. I truly do believe that this will be the third time.”

Governor Bevin goes into the relationship between the mainstream media, President Trump and the American people. Bevin points to the silent majority in America and believes they will show up for Republicans again in November.