A Calgary veteran and Dunkirk survivor described the event from so many years ago. Ken Sturdy caused a stir at movie premiere. Explaining,

“I never thought I would see that again. It was just like I was there again.”


Operation Dynamo saw 933 ships take part in working to rescue those in the harbor. Of the 933 ships, 236 were lost and 61 put out of action, according to BBC. Rather, the number of little boats that sailed on their own initiative will never be known. The countries who participated in the rescue were French, Belgian, Dutch and Norwegian and, of course, the British Royal Navy.


Dunkirk Survivor Reminds Canada to be Vigilant


In conclusion, Sturdy noted,

“Tonight I cried because its never the end… it will happen… we are as human species… we are so intelligent with these astonishing things, we can fly to the moon… but we still do stupid things.”

Dunkirk Survivor