At the 2019 Money Show, some of the world’s top money managers sound off on various strategies and asset allocation. The topic of EVs and government subsidies are discussed. Also, the importance of natural gas, the cleanest of all conventional energy sources. Louis Navellier stated,

“Last year was the biggest year for stock buybacks ever recorded.”

Navellier is an intelligent market forecaster and takes a very balanced report. He talks about Tesla and their issues with batteries and ongoing delays. Tesla remains unprofitable but highly valued.

Thomas Grimes on Being a Total Return Investor

Thomas Grimes from Reaves Asset Management explains,

“We are total return investors.”

What does that mean?

“We want to start with a certain dividend yeild when we buy a stock. We want to have a high confidence that the earnings can grow and the dividend can grow for a long period of time.”

Furthermore, Grimes continues,

“We’ve actually found, investing in the lowest yielding utility stocks, that are the best managed and have the most headroom to grow their dividend outperform the higher yielding slower growing stocks.”

What are the Hottest Markets in 2019?

These money experts explore the hottest markets in 2019. Will it pay to be a contrarian? After a long bear market, will 2019 finally be the year of emerging markets? Will gold repeat as a top performer next year? After starting the year strong, gold is collapsing and fell through $1,300 today.

The money experts also answer:

Can the Dow keep going after a nine-year bull market?

Is the 30-year bull market in bonds really over, and if so, where should income investors go for maximum income? Finally, these veteran professional investors share the economic, fundamental, and cyclical trends that investors should be aware of.